COVID-19 Safe

In line with Safe Work Australia, we have produced a COVID-19 Safe Work Emergency action plan to ensure the health and well-being of our customers and staff and to minimise the risk of potential infections and ensure your safety. Click Here to see the full safety measures for Customers, Our Staff and our Rooms.

How many escape room games do you have?

We are the largest and most immersive Escape Room company in Brisbane and we have 6 rooms: 2 Prison Break rooms, Cold War Bunker, Zombie Lab, Tesla's Mystery and Zodiac Killer. Due to the immersion and amount of puzzles in the room our games are a full 1 hour in duration. However as we ask you to arrive 15minutes early to complete waivers and relax and the debrief and pictures at the end of the game you should allow a total of 1.5hrs.

Each escape room can take between 2 and 6 players and we can host up to 36 players at once. Our escape rooms are also private which means that when you book, only you and your friends are in the room - we don't fill up empty spaces with other guests.

What is a Room Escape Experience?

Real-life room escape games are a type of live game in which people are together in a room with other participants and have to work together to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a 60 minute time frame.

Children, Teens, Parties and Age Limits

Our escape rooms are great for Children and Teens. Each room has a dedicated Game Master who is watching and listening to what is happening within the rooms. We encourage the children to explore, work out the clues and work together as a team but the Games Master can give multiple hints as and when required to make sure the game keeps progressing. Some rooms are better suited for younger players. We modify the adult versions of Prison Break and Bunker for a younger audience.
Ages 10 and above is recommended, but everyone is welcome to play. Children under 7 play for free. Ages 14 and under require a guardian to be present during arrival and when the game finishes but the guardian does not have to partake in the game. Please see Click Here for more information on Children, Teens and Kids escape rooms and parties.

Team Sizes

Our escape rooms are made to fit groups up to 6 players. Minimum is 2 players. It is not recommended to have more than 6 players in the rooms, because it may get a bit crowded and your experience may be lessened by it. However if you have any special requests for numbers greater than 6 please contact us. If you need to make a reservation for more than 6 people, you can use the Multiple Booking option and book any number of rooms at once. This makes the reservation process for more than one room much easier and faster. If you book all rooms together we can accommodate a party of 36 people. We also have 2 identical Prison Break rooms which you can book as "Prison Break Head to Head". In this instance we can have a maximum of up to 12 people in two identical prisons racing against each other to see which team can escape first. Its great for large groups young and old.

Do you serve Alcohol and Soft drinks?

We have a licence to sell alcohol and small snacks. We offer a range of wines (Shiraz, White and Rose), Hills Apple and also Pear Cider, and bottled beer (Asahi, Stone & Wood, 150 Lashes, Great Northern and XXXX Summer). Alcoholic drinks are priced at $7 to $8. We also offer a range of soft drink cans (Coke, Pepsi, Lemonade and Solo) as well as Mt Franklin bottled water. Non alcoholic drinks are $3. We also offer tap water. Our snacks (chocolate bars and chips) vary from time to time and cost $2.50 to $3.00

We request that you arrive more than 15 minutes before your game if purchasing alcohol or soft drinks to ensure that you have sufficient time to finish your drink in comfort and relax before your game starts.

Room Pricing

Pricing reduces depending upon the number of people playing. After choosing your game, select the number of people to play and you will see the total cost. As an indication prices per player are: 2 Players $42 per person 3 players $40 per person 4 players $38 per person 5 players $36 per person 6 players $34 per person 7 or more player options are available for Prison Break Head to Head or large groups. For corporate groups, parties or large social activities please contact us for pricing and our catering options.
When looking at pricing bear in mind that our room games are 1 hr in duration and are exclusive for the number of people booked in a room. Other venues may appear cheaper but you may have less time or the room can be filled with other players apart from your group.

Gift Vouchers

A Fox in a Box Gift Voucher is a perfect ideal gift. It shows that you have been thoughtful and allows the recipient to choose an immersive escape room adventure in any of our incredibly themed rooms. Our Gift Vouchers are valid for 3 years and are a great gift idea to bring a touch of mystery and magic with your gift. Whether it is for a Family Present, a Birthday, Special Occasion, Kids Birthday Party or even a Team bonding session it will certainly be an experience they will remember for a long time. They can be purchased online our at our reception. For more details Click Here

Team Building

A Room Escape experience is an excellent choice for corporate team building. Your teams will have to work together, use logic and creativity to overcome problems. It is the ultimate team building event. With prior arrangement, if you have an HR department, someone from it can sit with our game masters and observe the game which gives insights into team dynamics. With our 6 rooms we can cater for 36 people per game for one time slot.

Opening and Game Times

Our hours of operation varies throughout the week and can be seen when you make a booking. When booking you will receive a confirmation booking email which will include details about your game as well as the following information. The games will start at the time stated on the booking, and if you’re not on time, the game will start without you. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the time stated on the booking so that we can do an introduction. We also have a great reception / break out area, with toilets and refreshments, where you can relax and get ready before your game starts . A game takes a maximum of 60 minutes and the entire visit takes a maximum of 90 minutes. After your game you are welcome to stay and reflect on your experience.

Accessibility and Special Requirements

Our rooms are suitable for wheelchair users but please call us, as some of our rooms (Prison, Bunker and in certain instances Zombie Lab) are more suited than others. People with disabilities may fully enjoy our games. Pregnant women may also enjoy our games as they are not physically challenging and there are no fear factors involved (it's all in the mind as they say !) Also, there are seats in all rooms if a team member needs to rest for a while. Please call us to check the requirements if you are unsure.

Cancelling, Rescheduling and Refunds

When paying for the experience directly online, we do not make any refunds. Up until 24 hours of your game, you can chose to reschedule your game, we will then send you a voucher worth the amount of the game, so you can make a reschedule yourself at a time which is more convenient. If you cannot attend your game due to COVID-19 related issues then we will also supply you with a voucher to reschedule your game at a later date. Please contact us if you have a reservation using a gift card or voucher and you wish to reschedule.

Our Location

We are in a great building at 150 Edward Street, Brisbane just 2 blocks from the Queen Street Mall. We are on level 1 and the building has stair and lift access. We have a large reception and break out area where you are welcome to make yourself comfortable either before or after your game. We have secure personal lockers where you can store your belongings whilst you are playing your game. There are male and female toilets and a disabled toilet is located on the ground floor next to the lift.
Public transport:
Bus : Queen Street Station Interchange is a 5 minute walk.
Bus : King George Square Interchange is a 7 minute walk.
Train: Central Station is a 7 minute walk.
Car service: Uber
Own transport: Parking is available on Edward Street and the surrounding streets but depending upon the day or time it may be metered. Undercover car parking is also available at various locations all within walking distance. The Myer Centre car park has some excellent rates for weekend and after business hours, especially if you book online.